Eddie as Flair Simon in Big Shoulders Casting
UPDATED: June 12, 2017
LA Shorts Fest
Hollywood, CA USA
Golden Bridge International Film Festival
Moscow, Russia
LA Shorts Fest
Hollywood, CA USA
The Windy City International Film Festival
Chicago, IL USA
The Detour - First Look
May, 2017
L.A. Residential video version
May, 2017
A film by Joe Gandurski about the serious
effects and implications of PTSD - with Eddie as
March, 2017
Detour being submitted
We are hoping for Jeph Porter's, The Detour to
get into some fests! - a creepy dark comedy of
sorts with Eddie as Pat.
March, 2017
Elevator Pitch
Enjoyed building the set for Philip C. Sedgwick's,
Elevator Pitch.
Feb., 2017
Filming RPG - a film by Joe Gandurski about the
serious effects and implications of PTSD - with
Eddie as Peters.
Sept., 2016
The Detour Screening @
Fundraiser Film Showcase
Come see Eddie as Pat in Jeph Porter's,
The  Detour!  You will also be supporting after
school programs to get kids off the streets and
into worthwhile activities!
March, 2017
Four Points Film Project 2016 with Eddie as Dad
in a film by Brian Peters.
Nov., 2016
48 Hour Film Project 2016 with Eddie as
Ian The Treasurer in a film by Brian Peters.
Sept., 2016
Eddie portrays Jerry in Mr. Lonely by Five Penn
Films LLC, Directed by Robert Ruiz de Castilla.
Oct., 2016
Same Man
A musical composition video by Eddie Huchro.
2017 / 2016
The Hotel Barclay is now
on Amazon
Eddie is Nicolas in The Hotel Barclay.
This season examines what happens when
desperate and lonely people along with shady
underground economies check into the hotel
and stir up the hotel's many ghosts.
July, 2016
Cinema Art + Science Spring
2016 MFA Thesis Screening
Eddie is Walt in The Man Who Cheats Death.
Friday, April 1 at 5:30pm to 8:00pm, Film Row
Cinema 1104 S Wabash Ave., Chicago IL 60605
A celebration of Cinema Art + Science MFA thesis
films!  The screening is approximately 85
minutes; a Q&A with the filmmakers in
attendance will follow the screening.  School of
Media Arts, Cinema Art + Science - Cost:  Free
April, 2016
The Hotel Barclay -
Decay Magazine Interview
Leah Myette’s Anthology Series ”Hotel Barclay”,
with Eddie as Nicolas - an In Depth Look
Jan., 2016
Super excited to announce that Eddie will be
playing Pat in Jeph Porter's, Detour!
Oct, 2015
The Hotel Barclay screening at
Sony Pictures Studios
With Eddie as Nicolas in Season 2, Episode 7
Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 - Reception: 7:00pm,
Screening: 8:00pm, SONY PICTURES STUDIOS,
Jimmy Stuart 23, Culver City, CA
Feb., 2016
The Man Who Cheats Death
Eddie will be playing Walt in The Man Who Cheats
Sept., 2015
Shoreline Duathlon
5th in Age Group, 23rd Place Overall
2.5mi. Run, 22mi. Bike, 2.5mi. Run
Mequon, WI USA
Aug., 2015
Tri For Fun Sac.
2nd in Age Group, 9th Place Overall
1/2 mi. Swim, 16mi. Bike, 3mi. Run
Rancho Seco Park, Herald. CA USA
June, 2015
Spring photoshoot with Eddie for Skycatch.
May, 2015
The Hotel Barclay
Eddie will be playing Nicolas in Leah Myette's,
The Hotel Barclay Anthology Series.
April, 2015
The Pratt's
Eddie will be playing Preston in Kim Rapoport's
The Pratt's.
April, 2015
Goodbye Tomorrow "Jay Z"
Director Blake Smolensky hosts Eddie as the
Slaver in Goodye Tomorow's, "Jay Z"
music video.
Feb., 2015
Man of The Cloth
Eddie will be playing Father Issac in John
LaZear's, Man of The Cloth.
April, 2015
CrossRoads secures two year distribution deal
and makes Top Ten to Watch list two months
running on Shorts HD TV - with Eddie as Solo.
May, 2014